We are a company specialized in the production of gluten-free artisan pastry. Our founders carry a passion and craftsman skills for pastry that races its root back from 30 years ago.

Our goal is to offer a gluten-free product, without giving up the pleasure of tasty food. Quality and passion are the strengths of our strategy that has led us to create products to meet the needs of celiacs, gluten intolerant and those who have difficulty taking dairy products and its derivatives in the spirit of Italian pastry.

Our company is based on simple concepts: careful selection of raw materials, high quality products and craftsmanship carried out in environments dedicated strictly to the treatment of gluten-free products.

Shortcrust cakes are the main line of our products: tarts, stuffed biscuits, assorted biscuits, mini muffins, delicious sponge cake, panettone, doves and typical holiday desserts. 

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